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How To Add Page On Google Sites 2023

Google Sites is a collaboration environment for organizations and individuals to create, share and impact their online presence. If you want to add pages on Google Sites, this guide is for you! How To Add Page On Google Sites


Below are the top 12 steps to help you learn how. – How To Add Page On Google Sites

Google has created an excellent guide for learning how to add pages to their site. This tutorial will walk through the basics, such as navigating your new Google Site and adding content from scratch. This tutorial provides an easy-to-understand manual with step-by-step instructions that anyone can follow if they’re trying to start learning how To Add Page On Google Sites. If you have any additional suggestions or recommendations to add, please post them in the comments sections below!

How To Add Page On Google Sites – Steps 1-7

1. Navigation [Step 1] upload your files
upload your HTML/CSS file to the Google Site via email from your computer and click SAVE!

2. Navigate [Step 2] go to the page where you want to upload a new page in docs accounts for google+ and other services…Click here!

3. A message will appear that says, “Please sign in”. Click SIGN IN

4. Click the arrow next to “Create New Page” and select NEW PRODUCT -> CROPPED DESIGN FOR GOOGLE SITES and then click CREATE AND EDIT until you are back on your page at home.

5. Click on CROPPED DESIGN FOR GOOGLE SITES at the top of your page in Google Sites, then click ADD A PAGE.

6. Copy the code from this image: https://docs-apps.googleusercontent. com/document/d/1vQ8ZkWc6UQzq3aPs6UcNctUiN_RlZf0Ih60JJGdeD-kI/edit?hl=en&pageId=0&

7. Open the URL on a new tab in your browser to ensure it works, then copy and paste the code into your Google Site. Make sure to RECYCLE THE TAGS!

How To Add Page On Google Sites – Steps 8 – 13

8. Rename the page (and anything else you want) and save it!

9. Click on [EDIT] at the top of your Google Site page. Find the URL of the page and then click on it.

10. Edit the page by adding HTML and or CSS, and you’re all done!

11. To add text, choose a new bold font, change the size to 20, and increase line spacing to 30 pixels.

12. To add TEXT BOXES, create a table and use borders to make your boxes look like this:  0px 0px 0px 1px black border=1 cellpadding=0 cellspacing=0 onload=”initTable()” (Note: This website uses rounded corners for their tables)

13. Make sure that your table has at least two rows and no more than six.
“Page name”.
You can also visit the website at for more information on how to add pages in google sites.

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