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10 Best Ways To Submit Your Website To Google and Other Search Engines

Here are 10 best ways to submit your website to Google and other search engines that can give your website more visibility, better rankings, more traffic, and improved conversions.


When you build your website, you want it to perform well in search engines. But how do you do that? In this article, I’m going to share 10 things you need to do in order to get your website listed on the top search engine results pages (SERPs).

How To Submit Your Website To Google

If you’re thinking that submitting your website to Google means that you just have to fill out a form and wait for it to be approved, you’re not alone. Many entrepreneurs think this is all that needs to be done. But while some websites are quick to approve, others may take longer.

How To Get Your Web Pages Added To Yahoo

Google is Yahoo’s biggest competitor, but sometimes Yahoo doesn’t know what it wants to index and sometimes it just isn’t sure. One way to get a website added to Yahoo is to add a description of the content to the homepage of your website. But adding a description to your homepage isn’t enough to get a page indexed by Yahoo. You need to create a separate page for a particular keyword and include a link to that page on the home page. By linking your home page to a specific page for a specific keyword, Yahoo can index your website and list it in its search results.

How To Get Your Web Pages Added To MSN Search

First, you need to add your web page as an RSS feed. There’s no charge to submit your RSS feed and get it listed in MSN search results.

Submit Your URL To Every Search Engine

One of the most powerful techniques I have used in my business has been submitting my websites to as many search engines as possible. I use a tool called Google Analytics, which allows me to track the traffic to my website. I also use SEO tools like this to submit my URLs to the top 10 results for my main keywords. I submit my URLs to over 50 search engines every month.

Get Traffic From All Types Of Sites

Nowadays there are lots of ways to generate traffic to your site. A large portion of this traffic comes from Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, Twitter, and Google Search. However, most of these traffic sources come from social media websites. You need to optimize the content of your website for social media in order to attract the right people.

Submit Your Website To The Right Places

This includes search engines, directories, and social media sites. When you submit a website to any of these places, you’re telling others about your site. So, you want to choose the right ones.

Get Your Link From Good Articles

A great way to promote your website or blog is to link to relevant and useful content written by experts in your niche. One of the ways to build links is to write and publish helpful articles about your industry. This article is a great example of how you can combine the two, while still giving the reader a unique perspective.

Submit Your Site To The Right Websites

Your website needs to appear on multiple websites for your product or service to be found by people who need it. In the past, only a handful of websites accepted websites in any form and still accepted submissions. Now, almost every website accepts some kind of submission.

Share Your Web Pages on Other Websites

It can be useful to share your site in different places, whether or not it’s your main website. By making it easy for your potential audience to find your content, you can expand your reach, improve your SEO, and gain new followers. In fact, social media and search engines are starting to put greater emphasis on the number of times your website is shared across the web.

Submit Your Website To Directories

This is a big time-saver for people who have websites already built, and need to submit them to directories. While you can just copy-paste a list of URLs and add them to a submission form, there are many things to consider. Make sure to:


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